Environmentally Friendly

Here at Warrior, we're focussed solely on building a better future for athletes. This means more to us than making you the best you can be on the field or in the gym. 

The environment is the most important thing we'll ever be tasked to look after, develop and improve, just like ourselves. So we've done absolutely everything we can to make sure we're doing our part, and pushing you guys to help out too. 

Our print is Eco friendly, using water based inks to dye the clothing, instead of the plastic heat press, plastic print options other brands use, which are not only bad for the environment, but crack and peel over time. These inks we use in screen print are not only ethical, but sustainable, meaning we can keep helping the environment, instead of hindering it!  

We do not use any single use plastic throughout Warrior HQ, and we don't use any plastic at all in our packaging. We use 100% recycled AND recyclable (thats where you come in) packaging made from recycled card, and all receipts are sent via email to keep the printing down!