"There's no exercises I can do at home" - Abs

"There's no exercises I can do at home" - Abs

Finally, probably (tied with legs), the muscle group you do the least, abs. We get it, you save abs to tag on to the end of sessions, but when it comes to it you're pretty tired already, you'll do it next time, right? Here's a few different ab exercises that you can work in to workouts, or just make a day out of all of them. 

Pretty obvious this one, we all know how to do them (google them if you want to perfect the form). So let's throw a few variations into the mix, keep it interesting and challenging. Add weight and hold it above your head, keep it in the same position and do your sit up. Got a partner, try throwing a weight to them (wrap it up in bed sheets) as you sit up, focus on explosive power. Or we could go the boxer route, as you hit the top of the sit up, throw a jab with each hand (its a trick to just keep you up and your abs engaged for a couple of seconds, but it works). 

Grab a small weight, we're focussing on form here. Get into that mid sit up position, and raise your feet off the floor. The best way to nail the form with Russian twists is to work on tensing that core to make sure your legs aren't rocking back and forth. If this is your first time doing them, you'll notice your feet wave left and right as you turn, the more you do these the less they'll move. Keeping as straight as possible, engage those abs to move the weight to either side of you. Don't let the weight touch the floor, leave it an inch of the ground, remember, we're trying to work those abs, don't make it easier by removing the tension of the weight! 

If you've never heard of these, you're going to despise us for introducing them to you. However, this works the entire abs and your obliques (the little bumps you see under the arms lower rib height). It's easier to google a video on this, as if your strong point is not coordination it can be a little confusing at first until you nail the rhythm! Make sure you go slow and steady, your abs will be ON FIRE!

Plank, with added benefits, win win. Get into a normal plank position, keeping that solid straight line from heel to head. Now, this can be done normally, around 30 seconds to 2 minutes should suffice per set depending on experience.

Add in variations to work different ab muscles. Work the core muscles more (think infront of your hips) by 'rolling' with plank rolls. Keep your arms in the same position, but try to turn your hips to face to one side, rolling on your toes onto one foot rather than both. 'Roll' back through - hips back to facing the floor, then to the opposite side, rolling from toes of one foot to the other. 

Work all your abs with plank crunches, keep the plank position, but move one knee at a time towards your chest, then back again. Focus on form over speed, it's not HIIT, its developing muscles!

And finally if you really want to make it so it hurts to laugh tomorrow, try side plank crunches. Move your plank to one arm, and the same side foot so your body is facing a wall instead, opposite hand onto your head. Now with the arm which is touching your head, bring that elbow down to your stomach, meet it there with your knee from the foot which isnt touching the floor. Don't forget to do both sides. Final step, have a little cry. 


We've named all exercises in here with the correct names, so any confusion, google them to find a video tutorial!

Don't forget to comment any additional workouts/equipment you have found you can utilise through this time, remember, we're a community for athletes, help each other out!


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