"There's no exercises I can do at home" - Legs

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"There's no exercises I can do at home" - Legs

Following on from our "There's no exercises I can do at home" - Part 1, we now bring to you an array of leg exercises. Remember this isn't a workout plan as such, it's just exercises you can do at home to keep the blood flowing and to get your mentality back in to training! 

Exactly what it says on the tin. Get your backpack and fill it with bottles of drink, tins of food, rocks or anything weighty you have! be sure to keep track of what it weighs though (stand on scales with and without the backpack and do the maths!). 

Squat with the weight on your back, you're never going to get anywhere near the weight of your normal squat, so focus on a nice rhythm, count to 3 on the way down, to 3 on the way back up. Make sure you're keeping those muscles engaged throughout!

This can be with or without the rucksack, you could also start small by holding tins of food/bottles of drink in each hand to make it harder over time. Focus on balance, keeping your core engaged throughout to stop the wobbling. You don't need a large space, lunge forward/backwards once, then back to the starting position. Simple.

So this is all about balance, if you struggle and keep falling, get near a wall, and work on relying on said wall less and less over time. Basically, we're just going to pretend we're the nosy neighbour, stand feet almost together, and push up onto your tip toes, as if looking over a fence. Easy right? Now let us know how you feel on rep 25!

Now we're going to tempt ourselves a little, so we need that will power! Get one foot up on the sofa (not your ass, just a foot! not sitting!) and lunge with the standing leg. Replace the sofa with a coffee table, stairs, any box of roughly the right height for you, just don't get comfy on the sofa until you've earned it!


We've named all exercises in here with the correct names, so any confusion, google them to find a video tutorial!

Don't forget to comment any additional workouts/equipment you have found you can utilise through this time, remember, we're a community for athletes, help each other out!


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