"There's no exercises I can do at home" - Chest

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"There's no exercises I can do at home" - Chest

We've all hit that wall through these current lockdowns, you know, the old "It's too dark at the moment to train" or "I can't get a hold of any equipment, so I'll just leave it". Let's face it, it's much easier to just give up and finish off all those christmas/new year delights, you're still wearing your joggers right?  

We've been through it too, and we know you guys all have the Warrior Mentality to push through this, you just need that 'slap in the face moment'... well here it is. You got this, we all got this, check out our none equipment exercises below. You don't necessarily need a full plan, just pick and choose what you fancy doing, just keep active! 

These come in multiple forms, from typewriter to diamond, the difference in distance between your hands targets different muscles in your chest, so mix up a few wide stance and close stance with your normal press ups. Struggling after the christmas break, get on your knees instead of toes, and work your way up, we're just trying to make you a better version of yourself, it comes with time!

Wide stance - Typewriter, Archer, Wide. 
Close stance - Diamond, Explosive Press Diamond (push off with force)
Standard stance - Normal, Alternating Shuffle, Clap Push Ups, Elevated (incline or decline)

Granted, you're going to struggle with no weights, but that doesn't stop a warrior. If you have absolutely nothing, you can lie on the floor, and press any weight you can get. From 2L bottles of pop/water, to rocks from outside, it's time to think outside the box. 

Again, weight is whatever you can find, try to raise your back off the floor, perhaps with cushions from the sofa, or anything bench shaped that will hold your weight. Then grab any form of weights you can, water filled items will always be heavier, so see what you can grab! 

Using the same raised object before, perform a pullover with your arms as straight as possible. Water weights or a large weighty object is perfect. (be safe if you're using the baby!) 

Now this one is last as it will most likely not be possible for the majority of you, however, if you can access two sturdy objects close enough to each other, you should be able to perform dips. Think kitchen sides close to each other, or a wall outside. Just make sure they can hold your weight before throwing yourself in! 


We've named all exercises in here with the correct names, so any confusion, google them to find a video tutorial!

Don't forget to comment any additional workouts/equipment you have found you can utilise through this time, remember, we're a community for athletes, help each other out!


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