Should I workout with a hangover?

Should I workout with a hangover?

April 12th is a big day for two completely different sets of people. On one hand, you have your booze crazy, night out loving group of friends. On the other, you have your hard core meat heads and sports players. Now, it's been a while, so we get that you are probably going to be drawn to doing both. The big question is, should you be mixing heavy boozing... with heavy lifting the following day?

Headaches, dehydration, feeling sick... a hangover is pretty much the same results of a heavy gym session, apart from the effects lasting much, much longer. So, is putting yourself through a big session the next day going to help, or hinder? We did the research, so you don't have to take that risk.

First of all, yes, exercise actually metabolises alcohol, so a workout will actually be beneficial. However, a heavy lifting session is out the question. You're mind isn't in the right place right now, so you're much more likely to perform poorly, or make silly mistakes forcing injuries. As much as we hate to say it, your best bet is something to get the blood pumping and the sweat pouring. 

Hit the treadmill, static bike or rower for around 30 minutes at a steady rate. If you're struggling to breathe you're pushing yourself too much, keep it comfortable but challenging. This raises your heart rate to around 50-60% and should help to sweat out all of last nights alcohol in no time.

A big one to keep in check, the diet side of things. DO NOT go to the gym before eating, that alcohol is still in your blood being pumped around your body. Anything left in your veins is going straight to your brain as soon as you get that pump on, so make sure you get in a decent meal with some good fats in to help soak it up. Think avocado good fats and not a fry up if you want to get back to the fitness lifestyle ASAP. 

Finally, check your urine before a session. the darker the colour, the more dehydrated you are. Keep drinking water throughout the morning, a lot of water, to bring you back down to earth. We're talking just a bit less than a pint of water per unit of alcohol consumed, so it may take a while before you're ready and feeling up to the task.

Got any hangover tips? Pop them in the comments below!

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