Our journey towards our ‘Gym for amateur athletes’

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Our journey towards our ‘Gym for amateur athletes’

So, if you have been following our story, you’ll know that the plan has always been to create a space where amateur athletes can train to be the best they can be, without having access to the likes of the facilities that the world's top sports clubs do.

With the UK hosting a vast amount of amatuer sports from American Football to Wrestling, why should only the elite Football and Rugby clubs have access to the training facilities to improve themselves? Moving away from a stereotypical gym, Warrior Athletics wants to accommodate athletes who can train whatever they need to, however they need to. We aim to create a space with a 3G area of field for those change of direction drills, a sandbox with atlas stones, for those competitions, and climbing ropes… well, everyone wants to climb right?

We’re working our way towards this goal one garment at a time, but we thought we’d share with you exactly why our gyms will be different, and if one pops up in your town or city, why you should become a Warrior.

First things first

All Warrior Athletic Gyms will be equipped with an area of 3G artificial grass. This is a fantastic way to train for the sport you compete in. From weighted sleds to simple cones for footwork drills, an indoor section to train no matter what the weather can benefit athletes of all walks of life. After all, you can’t measure your speed when the entire gym is full of smith machines right?

Atlas stones are few and far between at anything other than specialist gyms, these aren’t just for your olympic level strongman competitor. Check out our blog post by CLICKING HERE, but in Layman's terms, these will increase your explosive power and conditioning. Each Warrior Athletic Gym will have a designated sandbox area in which several stones will be available to train with.

Battle ropes, now, these are a tad more popular, with most gyms having a set. We want to go further, and turn these into climbing ropes too. With a lot of endurance events happening almost every week over the UK, climbing ropes feature at pretty much all of them. Thinking of entering one? Our gym will be THE place to train for these! 

Overall athletic training. Each gym will be equipped with the standard deadlift platforms, squat racks and benches. But they will also have areas in which you can train outside the norm, balls that can be slammed, sandbags that can be thrown, tackling bags that are made to be hit! 

At the end of the day, we know that you can be better than you ever have been, and we will help you get there.

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