Where can I find that motivation?

Where can I find that motivation?

With the lockdown seeming to be never ending, it's harder than ever to drag yourself up and into the mood to workout. From dark mornings, cold wet weather and the lure of that comfy sofa and a Netflix series, convincing yourself to get a sweat on is an uphill struggle to say the least. 

Living in the time we do, we have access to vast array of resources. Online workouts are quite literally 'at the touch of a button', through various platforms. Depending on what equipment you have however, can give you that excuse to back out with the "oh I don't have a kettle bell, I'll check back tomorrow". The mind is a powerful thing, so how can we overcome the desires to laze around for 16 hours a day with through this? We take a look at a few tried and tested techniques to get that motivation sky rocketing.

Be part of something bigger than you
Working out on your own is, for the majority of you, an unfortunate reality. With restrictions in place to not even allow to meet outside of your household, we've lost that feeling of not wanting to let your workout partner down. Online classes may seem daunting, no one wants to do a live workout as the personal trainer who's been doing this 15 years plows through HIIT like its a walk in the park. All the while he's doing this without breaking a sweat, you're already 2 sets behind trying to catch up. Put a spin on it, message a friend, and be honest, try this. 

"Hey, really struggling for motivation to workout, fancy doing a HIIT session with me on zoom"

Learn a workout you can do at your pace, write it down on a board so you can do it, and run your own little show. It puts the onus on you to then move away from your lack of motivation, to feeling you've got to step up to help out your friend. Give it a go!

Be accountable for your actions
You've probably seen a lot of Instagram/Facebook posts of friends working out who have personal trainers online. Coincidence? No. It's keeping their clients accountable, 'Prove to me you've done your workout with a video'. This works well for weight loss, why do some people post their starting photo where they feel they look their worse? To push them to work harder, towards that goal of a better figure they are aiming for. Do you just want to post the unflattering photo of you for everyone to see, then just leave it there? Or do you want to post that photo knowing in 6 weeks time you're going to show just how dedicated you are, and how much you've improved! 

Try telling people (whether it be your partner, friends, family or post to social media) that you're doing a daily workout. From a simple message in a group chat, to your Instagram story, just be accountable. When you've got people asking "have you've done your workout today?" it should kick your ass into gear!

Get dressed for the occasion
Staying in those pyjamas all day isn't going to help anyone, especially the participants of your zoom call meetings. It's always easier to stay in bed all morning, or just get nice warm, comfy clothes on to lounge about all day. But is that going to help in the fight to be motivated? Once those gym clothes are on, you're half way there. Putting the trainers on is the final piece of the puzzle, you got this! 

Just do what you can
As mentioned in the intro, it's easy to think you don't have the correct equipment, so you'll just leave it. But have you thought about creating your own workouts? We're not saying create a full personal trainer programme, but just throw together a few exercises per muscle group (see below) and just get yourself moving. Once you get into the swing of things you'll be editing your own plan to perfection in no time!

Now, you're here reading this because you follow Warrior, so you have that special mindset in which you want to grind, it's just tricky right now. If you're not keen on creating your own workout, try looking at bodyweight workouts instead. Start to merge in what equipment you do have, bodyweight squats - add some weight to a backpack etc. We've got a few hints and tips to makeshift things you can do at home below, check them out!

Arm exercises I can do from home

Leg exercises I can do from home

Chest exercises I can do from home

Ab exercises I can do from home

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