Meet Some of Our Testing Athletes

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Meet Some of Our Testing Athletes

Here at Warrior Athletics UK we don’t do things by halves. All our garments are put through their paces by multiple athletes across multiple sports.

We don’t sell an item that our athletes wouldn’t wear themselves, if just one out of all of them say no, then it’s a no. This way we ensure only the finest quality gear gets through to you guys, if we won’t wear it, we won’t sell it. 

The garments are used in gym and homework out situations, as well as on field training in the respected sport. This helps us make sure the clothing is nothing but the best for when you push them through their limits. 

Check out below a few of the guys who push our clothing to the absolute limits. From left to right above we have… 


As an Olympic lifter, everything I do is about mobility. Whether it’s catching a jerk, snatching or just getting ready for my session. I'm looking for clothing that won't let me down, soft for comfort and evident high quality I can trust, that will never tear no matter how much abuse I give it throughout the session.

DAN SMITH - Strength Coach (Currently Online due to Covid)

Sessions with clients at 6am, training myself at 12pm, then working a gym shift, running classes and sessions until 10pm, I basically live in the gym. Always on my feet and working out, I'm constantly pushing the gear to its absolute limits, and I am pretty brutal with it. If it feels uncomfortable, doesn't sit well or can't withstand multiple workouts over the day, it's a no from me. I wouldn't accept it from myself, so I don't expect it from my clothing.

SOPHIE TODD - Rugby League/AFL

As an elite rugby player, my kit literally goes through the motions with me. Whether it be tackling, conditioning or strength work in the gym, I can’t accept my kit holding me back. I love working with Warrior Athletic because they truly understand the quality and design that their athletes need to make gains both on and off the field.

MARCUS FRANCIS - American Football

I have played American Football throughout Europe, and given the physical nature of the sport, finding sportswear to cater for all of my needs can be difficult. When looking for clothing I need something that's durable enough to take the constant contact and strong enough to withstand the shirt pulling from the opposition, whilst still being comfortable to wear in the gym and under my pads. If it doesn't last a game then it's not good enough, simple as that.

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