Master your bedtime routine with these tips to sleep easy

Master your bedtime routine with these tips to sleep easy

A bit like breathing, when we sleep normally, we don't notice. It's when we don't, it really affects us. As adults, a good number to be aiming at is 8 hours of sleep per night. Most of us go to bed between 10-11pm, so a 6-7am get up time should be the goal. 

Now, for a lot us, you may find you're wide awake staring at the ceiling until 'god knows when' O'Clock. Or you're the complete opposite and you pass out instantly, but then wake up between 12-4am. Neither of these are ideal, and they can both be linked to bad moods, being tired and poor mental health. 

We're going to explore a few options that can support you in having a quality nights sleep. 

Blinded by the lights
We live in a time where we are surrounded by technology. We spend our day sat staring at a screen, to scrolling through our phones on breaks. Then to top it off, we go home, put the tele on and continue to use tablets to entertain ourselves. 

These screens emit blue light, and if they didn't, the colours that showed wouldn't be the true colour. Unfortunately, blue light suppresses slows down the production of melanin (this is what controls your sleep cycle) in your body. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep, and in turn, more difficult to wake up. 

To improve your sleep quality, try to reduce screen time around 90 minutes before bed. We understand as tech is such an integral part of your life that this can be hard, so at least try to drop your devices to the 'night mode' setting. 

It's getting hot in here
Despite wrapping up warm on those winter nights, and rolling yourself into a burrito in the quilts, your body actually sleeps better cold. While sleeping, your body naturally drops its temperature, so dropping it in the first place speeds up that sleep cycle. You don't flip to the warm side of the pillow, do you? For optimal sleep temperature, your body needs to be around 15-20°

The fix is pretty easy here - turn the heating down, crack open a window or check your tog of quilt isn't too high.

Back to nature
As humans, we spent millions of years with our nights being pitch black. We haven't yet evolved to completely remove light, even with our eyes closed. Same with noise, some of us still like background noise, but a high level of this can be detrimental to sleep (that must have been pretty obvious to you, right?). 

If you live in a busy city, you may have street lights coming through the window. Treat yourself to some black out curtains to eliminate any outdoor light sources. Eye masks can help too with shielding your eyes from bright charger lights etc. Finally, we'd advise not to be falling asleep in front of the TV every night!

Tire yourself out
Finally, it wouldn't be a Warrior blog without it... Workout to be well. Getting some exercise in is a massive help towards quality sleep, burning the excess energy that would normally be wasted keeping you awake until the early hours. From getting in your 10k steps, to a HIIT session on the living room floor, burn that energy!

Now, don't allow yourself to nap in the afternoon, don't mess up that sleep cycle.

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