INTERVIEW - Jack Braniff - Box Nutrition

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INTERVIEW - Jack Braniff - Box Nutrition

Warrior Athletics was created with one thing in mind... to help athletes excel, and be the best they physically, and mentally can be. To help build on the foundations put in place, Warrior is now working with an array of coaches, athletes and fitness professionals to help get you guys a huge fountain of knowledge at your finger tips. 

One of the routes we'll be exploring is interviews with guys in the know. Today, we're happy to announce our first interview, Jack, from Box Nutrition. After purchasing Jack's book - Fuelling the Functional Athlete last year, it completely changed my diet, and for the better. I began following jack on his social media channels and he has proven time and time again that he knows his stuff. So we decided to bring him in.

In this interview we talk all things athlete, from fuelling sessions to rest and recovery, and even when you can have those sweets. For anyone that wants to push their training to the next level through diet, this is a no brainer.

What to eat before a game? What's best for recovery? Can I eat carbs on a diet? You name it, we discuss it.

Check out the interview here!

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