5 Gym Bag Essentials

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5 Gym Bag Essentials

We all want to be the best we can be, and often our bodies can only take us so far. Sometimes, you need those accessories or supplements to take you to that next level. Here at warrior, we're constantly looking to improve, and something we always have on us... our gym bag. Now for us, this isn't just gym stuff, our bags carry our laptops, chargers, leaflets etc. so we can run Warrior from where ever we are, when ever we're needed! But for you guys today, we're running through the top 5 must have items for your gym bag. 

1. A Percussive Therapy Gun - (Massage Gun)
These are fantastic for recovery after training sessions, or even the day after, make sure you keep one of these in your gym bag at all times. There's obviously your big brands, but as we spoke about in our blog, which you can see here, you don't necessarily need to spend the big bucks on one. 

2. Sealable Food Pots
The majority of the time our gym bags are with us from leaving the house, until we're back home that evening, so we not only have lunch, but multiple snacks and supplements that need to go with you. After around 10 years of doing this now, I've learned it doesn't matter how much you spend... you just need two things on your pots... clips- so it holds the lid on tight, and the silicon edging on the lid, that helps (along with the clips) to seal in the freshness, and prevents any liquid/juices etc from your food leaking all over your gym stuff. 

3. A Non Leak Shaker
Protein shakers are my biggest hate, metal, glass, plastic... literally every single one I have ever had has let me down at some point, and leaked all over my gym kit in my bag... Until 3 months ago, when I stumbled across Huels award winning shaker. Cheaper than most decent shakers on the market, and very sturdy, I ended up buying another and use these daily. Easy to clean, doesn't leak, large enough to be used as a water bottle too! For £10, I'd grab one while you can.

4. Beta Alanine
As an athlete, this supplement is a godsend. When using while training, it can help delay fatigue to allow you to train harder, longer and better. How can it be any better? You only need a few grams at a time, and most supplement stores will sell it in large quantity at a very decent price. If you want to do more research into this, check out the latest update here

5. A Gym Towel
Just because COVID is slowly being phased out of our lives, doesn't mean we should all stop cleaning down after ourselves. Granted, all the cleaning sprays will be gone, but at least have the decency to wipe off your sweat from the bench for the next person. Also, a towel to dry your hands during lifts, or dry your face during cardio is always a great shout

6. BONUS - Warrior Gear
Well, we don't want to gloat, but heavy gym/training sessions is exactly what Warrior was made for. Socks designed specifically for sporting athletes, to hoodies created for those colder outdoor training sessions, every product is tried and tested by athletes across multiple sports. Check out the store while you're here! WARRIOR STORE


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